MARIA Escabas – When the Magic fell to Gallery THAMES

Maria Escabas is one of many Argentine artists as part of a select staff of Thames, the gallery of Recoleta. Architect by profession, chose the painting to express themselves. His works are pregnant with a deliciously sweet attraction, colorful and strong contrasts. Whites, reds, blacks, countered by his almost Franciscan austerity in dress.

Time seems to stand in the gallery. After passing by Elsi del Rio, going to Braga Menéndez, I found the people of Thames, in the homonymous street.

Mary tells me that the richness of his work comes in part from his extensive travels around the world. From his experiences as a mother, who sometimes longs for her daughters in America. But it also speaks of social classes who can not ascend, an imaginary trial where the defense and prosecution may be heard, a not – instead she assigned a space in their works.



I hear it. He explains his work before the camera. But his works need no explanation. Can grasp the subtle sensibility of who goes through life not inconsequential, but in the wake of being deep.

Each painting of Mary, is a map of infinite complexities assigns us a bit of territory where we can imagine how people in his world of tenderness, feelings, visions and magical experiences.

All galleries have their charm. But the people of Thames, with humans as Mary Escabas, has doubled.

So is (are), inimitable.